Shasta Chapter of CDS Minutes
April 17, 2018
The meeting was called to order by President Cindy Madden at 7:00 pm. Those in attendance were: Melinda and Joe Van Sweden, Bob and Linda Stretch, Lisa and Eric Torgersen, Pat & Barbara Fogarty, Shirley McCarthy, Trish Koon, Jill O’Toole, Joanna Ramseyer, Carol Wilson, Tera Allen, Jenny Adams, Anne Modzelewski and Jeff Allred.
Treasurer: Jill reported we have a balance of $4224.83. Sponsorship money is still coming in.
Area Chairman: Barbara reported on a show at Rancho Murieta June 14-17, (See Golden State Dressage website for entry info.) Chapter May 19, 20 show entry info is in the Omnibus on page 72. Amateur Clinic May 4-6, being held at Christiane Noeltings Facility in Vacaville, and there are shows coming up for her Dressage Derby Series. Camelot Schooling show and clinic May 5th and 6th. Starr Vaughn, May 11-13. CCTA (Tulelake) Show is June 23 & 24, 2018.
Show Committee: Still needing SPONSORSHIPS !!  A sponsorship form is attached if you need one to hand out or complete for yourself. Joanna is the contact person for sponsorships. (Email: )  Show committee meeting was held on April 12th 7pm at Lisa’s house. Results: Vet on call; Dan Chapman, DVM. Farrier; Everett McKibben. EMT: Cindy has contacted Bella Vista Fire Dept. and they should be able to staff our show. Cindy has again this year secured a fantastic Hotel rate for the Judge and TD, (39.00 per night). Carol Wilson will be organizing volunteers to work the show. Kathy Praegitzer has agreed to announce both days, and Darryl Pullman wants to Ring Steward at the warm up on Saturday. We still need a volunteer or two to manage the food booth, scribes for the judge, scorers, entry/exit gate steward, and runners. Anyone who wants to help contact Carol Wilson 547-5779. She’ll be making calls as well. Lisa now has 20 horses on the stabling list from out of area. That’s a lot. We will need to bring in extra pipe panels from Trish and Joe and Melinda’s. Eric and Joe will coordinate that. I will also be contacting Karen Yates for overflow stabling if competitors must have a stall and don’t want a paddock on grounds. I’m working with competitors to try and get as many as possible on grounds stabling, which they all want. The FOOD BOOTH is a must, so someone needs to step up to volunteer please. We always make money on it and it helps the bottom line.  We also have the Saturday night dinner. So we’ll need members to bring salads for the daily food booth lunches and for the Saturday night dinner. Last year the out of area competitors loved it, they even stayed to help clean up.
Clinics:  Tina Steward will be here for lessons and chiropractic on Monday May 7th and Tuesday the 8th. Contact Lisa   549-4893 or
​  Volker Bromann – at Melinda’s June 2nd and 3rd. It is full and if you want to ride you can be on the wait list, there’s almost always someone who has an emergency and can’t ride. Contact Melinda 347-9637.
    ​  Bit Fitting Seminar with Kim Gentry - April 21st and 22nd. It is now full. CDS members will pay $150.00 per ride and non-members will pay 175.00. We need a volunteer to provide lunch for Kim each day. Kim eats gluten, grain and dairy free. There is an auditing fee of $20 for the weekend. There is currently a shortfall for this seminar and Lisa and Cindy will be applying to the CDS Scholarship to cover the loss. We should get it.
​Cavaletti Clinic – October 6 & 7  Erika Janssen will charge $1000 per day. Lessons will be 1 hour. She will also charge a mileage fee, but will stay with Cindy to save a hotel fee. So depending on how many riders we get the cost will be divided among them. Erika provides the equipment for the clinic. Melinda and Joe offered their arena for this clinic. Cindy has 12 riders on the list. The clinician can take 20 riders. The more riders, the less expensive per rider. Contact Cindy – 515-1456
Old Business:  Tack Swap at Cottonwood Creek Equestrian Center: March 31, was moderately successful with a profit of $111.00. Thank you Trish and Carol for manning the chapter’s table and hauling all the stuff. We appreciate your efforts. Shirley mentioned that the chapter members other than Trish and Carol should have stepped up to help them.
Cindy has worked on the website and now it is more up to date. She will be working with Tera who will be keeping it up to date in the future and improving it when applicable.
The High Point trophy has been updated with the 2016 winner Julie Junokas, and Jan Malik the 2017 winner. Julie will have it for a few months, and then Jan will have it.
New Business:  Kelly and Jason from Palo Cedro Feed came to the meeting to get feedback from members on what PC Feed can carry that dressage riders would like to have locally to buy, rather than having to get it off the internet. Members responded and asked questions. PC Feed will try some things out. They asked that members feel free to go in and ask and they will try to get it.
There is a new blanket cleaning and repair business. Laundering costs are $7 - $15, depending on what it is. Simple repairs start at $5. Also available is light leather repair and laundering of other items like Velcro boots and bandages (ask for pricing)
D &D Blanket Repair in Red Bluff (601) 613-0508
There will be a Celebration of Life for Jeanann Popejoy on April 21st @ Exodus Farms from 2- 4 pm.
Jill moved to adjourn at 8:02 pm and Shirley seconded.
Next meeting is May 15th at Good Times Pizza in Palo Cedro.
Respectively submitted,
Lisa Torgersen, Secretary